The Making of an Eponymous Name: The Journey From Incense to MAHŌ

When you speak to leaders or those who have become successful for a particular skill, many agree that homage is essential. If you are going to hone a craft, you should first study its roots, so you can pay respect to the pathways that came before the new ones you hope to create.

The path MAHŌ is travelling pays homage to its heritage. For its founder, incense began as a form of prayer inextricably linked to spirituality. The burning of incense was a way to communicate one's hopes and wishes to the heavens so they could be heard or as a way of paying respect to the souls that have moved on.

The inevitable introduction of modernity

The successful adaptation of anything requires first a deconstruction. For MAHŌ, classic incense needed a new, modern ritual that could be suitable for all. The renaming of Sensory Sticks works as an antithesis in a world where senses are overloaded. A way to combat a narrative of pleniloquence with the calming yet powerful transcendent qualities of scent and smoke. A way to induce a calm and relaxed environment via sensory refinement.

MAHŌ, the Japanese word for "Magic," exists to provide a slight deluge into the spiritual world, to accompany the modern lifestyle.

Ethical luxury

Designed and operated locally in Malvern East studio, MAHŌ fragrances source high-quality oils from around the world to create a 100% vegan product that draws inspiration from the natural elements of each scents originating location.

The sandalwood base is made from fallen down bark collected from the ground exemplifying how elegant and beautiful the world can be when given the right use. With fragrances inspired by the world map and incense made in the ancient province of Fujian, China using traditional techniques MAHŌ captures the quiddative elements of each scent.

Travelling the world from home

Each MAHŌ fragrance is a journal, inspired by various travel adventures capturing or creating a different memory for each person. Even though sometimes, this beautiful world can seem like a scary place, travel, and an understanding of the places we go, can broaden our knowledge and understanding of life itself.

It is through any form of travel we learn that all cultures share the same hopes and aspirations, despite outside appearances seeming somewhat different. We pray to different Gods or don't pray at all; we dress in different manners, have different traditions, and speak in various languages. However, all cultures love. They are all proud of their heritage, and they all strive to improve while leaving some kind of legacy behind.

Our senses connect us. The MAHŌ Rose Bois scent that was inspired by the alleyways in Seminyak Bali may hold a different meaning or memory for someone else, but through the smoke, in our relaxed surroundings, we are all taken somewhere new.