How does our sense of smell affect our mood and emotions?

Our sense of smell has the ability to affect our mood, emotions, feelings and sensuality. A fragrance has the power to drift you away from your presence into a world of your own, but how?

Science has long told us that the part of our brain that registers smells also stores memory. So it’s no surprise that when we smell something similar we are often transported to a place of memory or a sense of emotion. The magical place that processes and stores our sense of smell is known as the hippocampus. The Hippocampus is part of a network called the limbic system which is associated with the processing of feelings and reactions. The hippocampus also stores short and long term memories. As a result of this our sense of smell becomes tightly entwined with our memories - allowing us to move back and forth through time, just from a familiar smell!

When we form memories there are always emotions and mood involved. And as we learnt just above - when we form memories often scents are involved. So it is no wonder that when we smell something if it doesn’t quite trigger a memory it very well may trigger emotions. Think about it this way - when you think about the time you went to Bali and spent endless days relaxing by the beach you automatically feel a sense of peace and calm. Now if you were to be currently present at the beach and take in the smells around you then you are likely to feel that same sense of peace and calm.

When we developed MAHŌ Sensory we kept all of this in mind. Allow us to take you on a sensory journey through the benefits of some key ingredients that can be found within our current range of incense sticks.

Citrus is known to often be associated with happy memories of summers past. Studies have also indicated that just 10 minutes a day of inhaling a citrus smell can improve your mood for up to 30 minutes!

Bergamot is commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate your mood and alleviate stress. Which in turn can assist in reducing your blood pressure and heart rate giving you the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Cypress is made up of three main chemical components that each have their own effect on our mood. The monoterpenes group have strong and uplifting characteristics whilst the α-pinene is better known for its powerful renewing properties. In short it is a fabulous mood boosting aroma that can reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

Sandalwood assists in shifting a sense of disconnection, emptiness, materialism and overthinking. It is one of the most common aromas used in many forms. Sandalwood is also known to be a great scent to assist in meditation by aiding a clear and still mind.

Frankincense a century old remedy that continues to be used for its strong versatility. It has a sweet and woody aroma causing a full body relaxation feel whilst reducing stress, anxiety & improving concentration and memory.

As you can see - our ability to smell and take in the scents around us provides so many beautiful outcomes. Our passion to bring this into your home and elevate your sensory experience is so strong that MAHŌ Sensory was created.

Take the time to look over each of our available sensory sticks and find the aromas that fit your needs.