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5 Daily Rituals that will improve you wellbeing!

Imagine starting your day feeling ready rather than defeated. To not fear the start of Monday or the end of Sunday. To embrace the moment and long for seconds to linger. 

Why not make 2020 the year that you leave your lack of motivation behind and make a move to a healthier and brighter you.

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How does our sense of smell affect our mood and emotions?

Our sense of smell has the ability to affect our mood, emotions, feelings and sensuality. A fragrance has the power to drift you away from your presence into a world of your own, but how?

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The Making of an Eponymous Name: The Journey From Incense to MAHŌ

When you speak to leaders or those who have become successful for a particular skill, many agree that homage is essential. If you are going to hone a craft, you should first study its roots, so you can pay respect to the pathways that came before the new ones you hope to create.

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